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Friday, September 16, 2011

My 1st try at Iris (paper) folding

I love paper piecing with material
and I have always wanted to try
it with paper - iris folding.
Today I got my Scorepal - soooo
I decided to try it.. Except for having
to use scotch tape - I love it!


  1. Hard to believe it's your first try. Iris folding looks so intricate and detailed when done. Very nice Ronni!

  2. oh wow... this is awesome! Thanks for sharing ~ Pam

  3. Hi Ronni,

    Your card is great! I, too, would never have believed it was your first try at iris-folding.
    Thank you very much for using my card as your inspiration.

    Bev aka sf_crafter

  4. Hi Ronni, this is beautiful! So intricate; I'd love to see a tutorial for that paper folding technique. So glad you found OWH; it has helped a lot of us find purpose and community while we support our troops. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. as an OWH blog reader and fellow crafter-donater, I wanted to say that your Christmas tree with iris folding was really cool; but this patriotic iris-folded star is spectacular!!!