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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scrapbook Season At My House!

Hi - happy summer from Arizona! Not!  Well I haven't been making cards recently, because my craft room has been taken over by scrapbooking!   My baby granddaughter will be 1 on the 8th of  August, so I am making her a 0-1 scrapbook.  It is turning out really beautiful.  I have stuck with a theme of buttons, birdies, and butterflies.  The color scheme is brown, light green (certainly celery?), and a cream.  Part of the kits I bought then dissected, are 2 very pretty flowered paper.  I have also added room for the pictures, sticking with a brown layer topped with a white layer.  My project is "due" Saturday, Aug 3rd - since that is her birthday party!  Yikes - I have 4 more pages to do, pictures to print, and journaling to add - which I thought I might do as poetry..........  Time to get moving!  Pictures to follow!

OH - when I am done - I will sanitize my room of glitter - - - then in September I start another scrapbook for my granddaughter turning 8!  Eight - how did that happen!  I have made her one every year - and love looking thru them and remembering. 

I am secretly hoping any more grandchildren will be boys!!!!!!!!!!!  No scrapbooking for boys! Hehe

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Card Camp 2 - Online Class

Hi friends and allies! I am taking an online card making class titled "Summer Card Camp 2".  The class offers many different challenges as well as techniques and tools to make my card making more fun!!!!  I have watched each day's video's faithfully, however, I have only done 50% of the projects!  Normal for me I am afraid :(.  

Week 1 - Enrollee's were presented with a color choice which contained 4 colors and a neutral-blue, yellow, orange-ish, and red/magenta-ish!  Also, there were 3 sketches provided to choose from.

Day 1:  I chose a blue background with a white embossed layer, and I chose the third sketch.  Here it is -

Day 2:  I chose a technique that was being demonstrated.  The technique was to apply water to a stamp that was either a shape or texture.  The lecturer used Gelato's on her stamps - I don't have those- so I just used ink I have.  The finished product had interesting results.  Here it is -

I made this card last evening, and while reaching for the watercolor paper the point of the cabinet and my right arm had a disagreement.  The cabinet door won.  So I am protesting by not making a card for Day 3 until later!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just when I thought I was done.....

I cleaned out my scraps.  You know how we save the 1" or less scraps - because -someday we are going to use them.  Well, I put them all in a Ziploc bag and sent them to school with my husband!  AND what do I have?   Manageable scrap buckets!

Pictures of workspace pending!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Days (YUK!) and Organizing My Craft Space

Yesterday, I frantically cleaned out, and re-----organized my craft supplies and workspace.  I packed away fabric, since I have not felt very creative in that area.  I went through every stamp I own - it was a long day - and put each where it belongs.  I don't usually keep sets together.  I separate sentiments and put all "thinking of you,"  happy birthday", etc. together.  I left most of my clear Stampin Up sets and their sentiments together.  I don't know why!

I had cleaned out paper and embellishments last week. My ink is good the way it is, and so is my ribbon.  I have not delved into the depth of the cupboards above my workspace.   Nothing is falling on my head - currently - so I leave it alone. 

Why have I taken on this challenge now?  Well - last Saturday, June 29th, was 120 degrees, and hubby and I went to Tucson.  In protest, I decided to not go outdoors much this past week.  In addition, I am starting a 3 week long online class tomorrow.  Moving forward - I am hoping to keep up with and post "something" for each day's lesson!   Good luck me!