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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pattern Play Day 2

I am an extremely visual person - soooo - if I watch someone make a card - I have trouble transferring the concept into a card that I am creating -with the items I have.  I am working on this skill - so I vowed to myself that I will keep up with daily homework assignments!  Whew!

These papers are from the same 6x6 pad and I used masking to create the hearts.  I liked the big one so much - I did some little ones!  My little heart punch has three hearts in the configuration that you see on the card, which is great - because my hands shake too much to get things lined up!

So far I am keeping up and enjoying the class!  I can't wait until we get to the "stuff" I bought from the supply list.  That will be my EASY day!


  1. Yes, do keep up with the homework. You did great on this card. I am not a stamper so am at a disadvantage with some of the techniques but I'm making them work.

  2. Very cool card, I love how you masked the heart and the pattern still shows through.