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Friday, August 8, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2 - Day 4

I HAD to make this card!  It may be a day late - but the image in my head was so crystal clear, it came together right as planned!  Ok - 1 snag!  Have you ever used the wrong side of a letter stamp - yup!  Hence the tie!


  1. Your raining men is hilarious! I love it! And love the mustache print on your umbrella! Awesome card!

  2. OMG - love this - what a fun card!!!! GREAT idea!

  3. Yes, I AM stalking your blog. You're probably going to find comments from me every day here and there. heh heh heh

    I love this one. And just yesterday I was making a music themed card and printed the music upside down. I'm sure no one would notice, except the person I was sending it to is a musician. Carp...so I had to make a new one. Maybe I should have just put a bird on it?