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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Card Camp 2 - Online Class

Hi friends and allies! I am taking an online card making class titled "Summer Card Camp 2".  The class offers many different challenges as well as techniques and tools to make my card making more fun!!!!  I have watched each day's video's faithfully, however, I have only done 50% of the projects!  Normal for me I am afraid :(.  

Week 1 - Enrollee's were presented with a color choice which contained 4 colors and a neutral-blue, yellow, orange-ish, and red/magenta-ish!  Also, there were 3 sketches provided to choose from.

Day 1:  I chose a blue background with a white embossed layer, and I chose the third sketch.  Here it is -

Day 2:  I chose a technique that was being demonstrated.  The technique was to apply water to a stamp that was either a shape or texture.  The lecturer used Gelato's on her stamps - I don't have those- so I just used ink I have.  The finished product had interesting results.  Here it is -

I made this card last evening, and while reaching for the watercolor paper the point of the cabinet and my right arm had a disagreement.  The cabinet door won.  So I am protesting by not making a card for Day 3 until later!!!


  1. SUPER JOB on BOTH CARDS!!!!! I ESPECIALLY LOOOOOVE your second card!!!!!! :) WHAT A CREATIVE WORK OF ART!!!!!!!:) DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! JUMP BACK INTO the classes!!!!!!!! :) You WILL ENJOY IT!!!!!!:) (HUGS for your arm!!!!) From a Fellow Camper!!!!!!:)

  2. Great cards! I especially like how you placed the star behind the sentiment panel on the first one!

  3. Good job finding your toes. I feel like I am in the same boot right now with my knee. It is a worthy cause to use your toes like that and look at the great card that came to be.