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Monday, November 12, 2012

OWH Sketch 146

I wanted to make a "boy" card - so I looked through my stash and found a kit from Crate Paper called "Zoom".  It had wonderful papers - patterned and solid - and a diagonal stripe that just spoke to me.  The kit has some very nice labels and tags - but they didn't work for me this time around.  I really liked the muted tones and that some portions of the paper had some distressing.  I added two brads from a Recollection collection of screw tipped brads - and a bit of twine from "On the Surface."  For a sentiment I used a square/scalloped Happy Birthday stamp from Stampin Up- stamped with Riding Hood Red  ink.  I used the Stampin Up 1 1/2 inch square scallop punch -which gave the sentiment a nice white border.  I stamped the paper with the same stamp and color and used dimensionals on the sentiment. 

And now for my Happy Birthday card:


  1. Great "guy" card...love the paper/colors! tfs!!!

  2. Cute card, Ronni! I love that diagonal striped paper!! Thanks for joining us in this week's Operation Write Home Sketch Challenge!

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