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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Christmas Cards from a 6 x 6 pad

I decided to try the 6 x 6 technique posted on Operation Write Home.  for the 1st  14 cards I used OWH sketches - and still had A LOT of the 6 x 6 paper left!  AND scraps!  So I started making my own "creations".  My final count is 30 cards!  My 30th card is one of scrap strips!  I had to clean up my craft room - the disorder really bothered me!  So I had to conquer my fear of unmatched patterns next to each other!  I should mention 2 things - 1) I noticed a giant smear on one card that I will go back and fix - but there are 3 in the picture; and 2) and I may have mixed up sketch 56 and sketch 115!  In conclusion - - -  using sketches makes the card making experience more enjoyable for me and I can't stand a huge mess in my crafting space - which is why I often make 1 card at a time.

Bonus Sketch

sketch 35

sketch 36

sketch 51

sketch 56

sketch 115 (I think!)


  1. Fabulous!! What an inspiration for me! pat K.

  2. WOW!! Terrific job, Ronni! These cards will become someone's treasures!

  3. AWESOME job!!!!!! What paper pack was this??