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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's A Party!

What is better at a party than CUPCAKES!  All different flavors of cupcakes - with wonderful chocolate frosting..And don't forget OWHers - it's not about how many candles on your birthday cupcake - it's about the number of cupcakes you get!  Here is my idea of a FUN cupcake party - with a little taste of Andy Warhol thrown in!  Play along - What do you want at your party?


  1. There is absolutely nothing better than cupcakes! Thanks for the great sample card Ronni. :)

  2. Ronni, this card is a party in itself! That's a happy card, for sure. Thanks for giving us some great inspiration!

  3. Ronni, Oh now I'm hungry and I do have cupcakes in the kitchen. You think anyone would know if I say it's my birthday when it really isn't? You won't tell will you? Love your card, hon, it very festive. Thanks for being our sample maker for this challenge.