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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some images of my crafting space

I had the built ins, shown in these pictures, installed in Feb 2006.  since I had not yet found my paper passion - I created a multi-purpose crafting space.  It works very well for the most part.


  1. You must love having such a nice, spacious craft room. (I know I would! :) I like the basic white cabinets...clean and simple. They're what I'd pick if I could. Thanks for sharing your pics Ronni!

  2. Beautiful! It looks so bright and white and inviting! Thanks for sharing your space!!

  3. What a nice bright room. It looks like a great place to make cards for OWH.
    Thanks for sharing.
    OWH Blog Team

  4. I love white. That's the way I would go if I could.You have a nice bright organized space

  5. Ronni, What a great space to be creative! You look so organized and I love your crafting area. Thank you for sharing!

  6. LOVE your space!! I would love to have upper cabinets to "hide" things when not in use.

  7. You are fortunate..you have a very nice space. Looks like a great place to work. lots of open lighting

  8. What a wonderful craft spot! I do have my own room. which was previous a bedroom. I would love a new room where I could add lots of cabinets like you have and truly make it MORE of a studio. Dreaming....!!

  9. I drool everytime I see your cabinets... you are spoiled Ms. Ronni! Spoiled!!! JK